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Dance Classes for Toddlers

Dance w/ Me

30 min. Class

Ages 1-2

Dancers enjoy class with their mommy, daddy or caretaker!

Thurs. 9am

Sat. 10am


45 min. class

Ages 3-5

Students begin to learn ballet and tap basics through creative movement and games.

Thurs. 6pm

Dance Camp

2 Hours

Ages 3-5

Students do arts n' crafts, ballet, tap, creative movement and story time.

Wed. 10am/Thurs. 10am

Creative Movement

45 min. Class

Ages 3-5

Students explore dance styles from around the world!

Sat. 10:45am

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for classes?

All sign ups and registrations must be done ahead of time through our online portal. 

CLICK HERE to be directed to our registration page.

How do I know if my child is ready for dance class?

Here at Limitless we understand that all children are different and all become "ready" for dance at their own pace. Our staff and instructors are patient, understanding, mothers and caretakers! We think the best way to figure out if your child is ready for dance is to have them try it! Sometimes it takes a few weeks for children to warm up and sometimes kids run in with excitement! Both are normal and so is everything in between! We look forward to introducing the love of dance to your little one.

What should my child wear and what shoes should do they need? 

Anything they can move comfortable in is completely fine. Some dancers like to wear leotards and ballet skirts while others like to wear shorts and a shirt/tank top. Whatever they are comfortable in is fine by us! They should have ballet shoes and tap shoes. You can find these on amazon or a target/walmart. If you do not have the shoes the first day no problem! We may have some they can borrow! Please contact us for loaner shoes availability.

What do parents/caretakers do while they are in class? 

For the Dance w/ Me class (ages 1-2) parents/caretakers are to participate with the child in the class. For the toddler classes (ages 3-5) we have a waiting area where you can see the class. Drop off is also okay as long as you leave your contact info with the instructor.

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