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Your safety and health is our first priority.


Here is what to expect when visiting our studio. Please read carefully to ensure a smooth and safe transition.

  • It starts at home - Be sure you are practicing thorough clean hygiene. Please do not bring any unnecessary items to the studio. This means NO LARGE DANCE BAGS. Please only bring a small bag with the shoes and clothes you need for your classes for the day, water from home (no more shared water will be available but we will keep water bottles on hand just in case.) Masks must be worn into the building.

  • Masks - Masks are required at all times while inside the building.

  • Screening - Upon arrival you will see markers outside the building spaced 6 feet apart. Students will line up outside. Parents of elementary aged students must walk their child to the door and stand in line with them to answer the screening questions. Middle schoolers and high schoolers may get dropped off and answer questions on their own if the parent approves. Each child will have their temperature checked with a no contact thermometer. We will then ask about any respiratory symptoms and if they've been in contact with anyone who has had COVID-19 within 2 weeks.  Students with a high temperature,respiratory symptoms or those who've been in physical contact with COVID-19 will be asked to leave immediately. Those who pass the screening process will continue into the waiting room.

  • Waiting room - The waiting room is CLOSED for parents. Only dancers awaiting class will be allowed in the waiting room. We now have cubbies for students in our waiting room! All personal belongings must be kept in the cubby and can not be brought into the studio.

  • Class time - The studio will have markers on the floor and barre and class capacities have been lowered to ensure proper social distancing can occur.

  • After class - Please be prompt in picking up your child after class to avoid busy cross traffic. We will sanitize the space between each group as well as a deep clean each night before closing up. During the night we will allow UV lights to continue to sanitize the studios.

  • Choosing to stay home? - All classes will be available via live stream on ZOOM. Please let us know ahead of time if you wish to join us while you're at home.

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